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Christianity in Liberia

Christianity in Liberia

Liberia, a small country on the West Coast of Africa is the home to roughly 5 million people. Just slightly larger than Tennessee, this country is one of the 54 that make up the continent of Africa. Although small, Liberia comes with its own unique religious history that led Liberia to become 85% Christian today.

Here are some facts about Christianity and other prominent religions in Liberia:

  1. Since Liberia was settled in 1822 by former American slaves, Christianity has been present in the country.
  2. Today, the most common denomination in Liberia is The United Methodist Church.
  3. The second most popular religion in Liberia is Muslim.
  4. Many Christian denominations are practiced in Liberia, including: Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, United Methodist, African Methodist Episcopal, African Methodist Episcopal Zionists, and several Pentecostal churches.

The Origin of Christianity in Liberia:

Although many indigenous and varying ethnic groups settled in Liberia before the 19th century, the country was given its name by former American slaves, who settled in Liberia in 1822 as part of the American Colonization Society. Their newfound freedom became the namesake for Liberia, “land of freedom.” And with them, came Christianity, clashing with existing indigenous and tribal religions.

When the country gained its independence from American govern in 1847, religious conflict continued to rise between Christians, Muslims, and tribal religions. Christianity was dominating what was previously a tribal country. As we approach the 20th century, Christianity continued to grow, branching out as different denominations were established – making The United Methodist Church the largest.

Today, Liberia is a mix of American and indigenous practices. Christianity and tribal religion. A country with a unique history, and a strong presence of Believers.

As Set Free works with Liberian partner pastors to spread the gospel across Liberia through the gift of life-changing clean water. It is our prayer that the love and light of Christ will be shown.

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