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Mission Trips

We believe, as Christians, each of us is called to be a missionary. It is not a specialization in Christianity. It is who we are called to be as Christ calls us to “go into the world and make disciples of all nations.” We are excited that you have taken an interest in this calling and want to learn more. But we also want to be sure we are doing our trips mindfully.

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Empowering People

One of our core values is to empower our indigenous partners.This means that we don’t want to do for others what they have the capabilities to do for themselves. We don’t do well drilling mission trips. Our drill crews are masters at their jobs, and honestly – we would just slow down their work. We also don’t do medical mission trips to India.They are well staffed with talented doctors and nurses who are ready and able to meet the needs. Your mission dollars will go significantly further by empowering these locals to do the humanitarian work and opening the doors for our pastor partners to share the gospel.

Providing Aid Through

Medical Trips

We believe in strategic medical mission trips to Africa. There aren’t as many doctors and nurses, and almost all of those do not have the ability or the resources it takes to serve the remote areas we are working. On these trips we work to empower our partners to meet needs they are unable to meet on their own.

Seeing is believing with

Vision Trips

We also believe in vision trips. Sometimes you simply need to see the work for yourself – hold the hand of a child who was rescued, lay hands on a woman new to Christianity and pray for her, and walk the trail from a home to a riverbed where villagers collected water prior to receiving their new well. Sometimes seeing truly is believing. These experiences, help you share the work of Set Free with others around you.

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