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A question that comes up frequently is – Why did you choose the countries you are in? The short answer is we didn’t! We didn’t have a master plan of where we wanted to work. We still don’t have a strategic plan for where we’re going next. Our ministry has been led by the Holy Spirit from the beginning, and we don’t have any intentions of changing that. But some things have remained consistent. Set Free goes to the hard places – places where most other NGOs aren’t working. We go to places where a significant segment of the population is unreached by the Gospel of Jesus. And we go where there are indigenous pastor partners who have a vision for planting churches and cultivating discipleship. That’s what has led Set Free to work in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and India, and it will be those three factors that will lead us to wherever God has in store for us next.

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The Countries We Serve

We are happy to install fresh water wells in the countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and India.

Through our work in three countries, and many outlying areas surrounding them, we are able to provide clean water and renewed hope to thousands of people in West Africa and India every year. By partnering with local pastors and community leaders, we are not only able to influence these communities, but we are able to help create lasting change in a number of ways that are supported by the locals themselves. And by providing the Gospel to each community, and connecting new believers with their supporting Christian networks, we can further the kingdom of God with every drop of water.

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