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Set Free Gala Reflections of Hope

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Reflections of Hope

Greenville Convention Center:
1 Exposition Drive
Greenville, SC 29607

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Thursday September 29 6pm EST

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Join us for this year’s Gala to celebrate the hope that is being reflected around the world by you.

Every day, we are called to provide humanitarian relief to some of the most vulnerable communities across the globe. Because of Set Free’s generous supporters, we have been able to provide reliable sources of clean water, medical aid, rescue children, prevent child slavery, and plant churches to spread God’s Word. It is because of you that we have been able to positively impact so many precious lives.

You’ve prayed with us. You’ve welcomed the message of our mission into your own congregations. You’ve generously contributed monetary donations. You are the reason that we can give freedom through Christ for so many communities that need it the most.

Join Us Set Free Gala 2022

The families and children we serve are desperately looking for hope. As followers of Christ, we believe that true hope comes from the Lord. Set Free recognizes that we are not the source of hope, but each of us can live our lives in a way that reflects the hope God provides through Jesus. By loving others and meeting their practical needs, we become “Reflections of Hope.”

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Keynote Speaker Carlos Whittaker

Hi. I’m Carlos. I’m an author, speaker, moment maker, spider killer, and hope dealer.

“So what exactly does your husband do?”

This is a question that plagues Heather Whittaker every time someone asks. Because she never knows how to answer. One day she came up with a phrase that she now uses when asked … “He’s a Hope Dealer.” She says. And that’s about as close to a job description as they can get to.

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