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Our Team

You might think that serving hundreds of thousands of people across the globe every year requires hundreds of employees, but the truth is that Set Free has a small staff based out of Greenville, South Carolina, as well as a number of international partnerships. The streamlined nature of the organization is intentional—it allows funding to flow directly into ministry, providing everything from well parts to vehicles, food and housing for rescued children, and medicines and staff for medical clinics.

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Our Stateside Leadership

Stateside, Set Free maintains a small but efficient staff, reducing overhead to ensure that our funding goes to what matters the most—bringing the gospel of Jesus to the unreached communities of India and West Africa by meeting physical needs.

  • Sarah

    Sarah Kelley


    Sarah is a Greenville, SC native and a lover of all things involving contact sports, being outdoors, and a good cup of coffee. She is passionate about building relationships, sharing the love of Jesus, and the work Set Free is doing around the world. When she's not writing updates, dreaming up future goals, visiting our partners, or meeting with donors - you can find her spending time with her husband and two children or training for a triathlon.


  • Roland

    Roland Bergeron

    President & Founder

    A career engineer and custom home builder, Roland became a Christian later in life, and, as always, Jesus changed everything. Deeply convicted to leave an impact greater than monetary success and achieving “the American dream,” Roland quit his own building company and started Water of Life (now Set Free) to bring fresh water and the Gospel to the most desperate parts of the world. Ever moving on faith and by the direction of the Holy Spirit, Roland started drilling wells in West Africa in 2004 and in India by 2010. Often out of the office training new drilling crew members and meeting with indigenous pastors, he loves to visit his dear brothers and sisters in Christ on the other side of the world, but is always ready to come home to his wife’s amazing pie.


  • Afton Schipper

    Monthly Giving Coordinator

    Afton fell in love with the Greenville area during her time in college at NGU. Now she and her husband (and adorable mini goldendoodle Piper) love being back in the area! When she’s not working, you can find Afton spending time with friends, enjoying time outside, or watching the most current movie. She loves to travel and is always looking for new places to add to her list!


  • Claire Walters

    Communications Coordinator

    Claire is a recent Clemson graduate and lover of the Tigers. She has a passion about the written word and all things literature. You can find Claire writing letters to our donors and writing the stories of those whose lives are impacted by Set Free. Claire has a deep love for the way God reveals himself in the brokenness and is thrilled that He led her to Set Free. When she's not writing stories, telling others about Set Free, or running social media platforms - you can find Claire anywhere outside (particularly in the mountains), dreaming up travel plans, or enjoying time with her husband, family, friends, and beloved cat.


  • Mary Beth Provost

    Office Administrator

    Mary Beth has been in Greenville since the age of 7 - almost a native! As a Clemson Alum, she is an avid fan of all things Clemson, especially football. Her first love, though, is her rescue dog, Oreo. She believes Oreo rescued her, rather than the other way around. Mary Beth comes from a large family, whom she spends time with as much as possible. Her passion for giving back to the community began at an early age as a Candy Striper at Greenville General Hospital, and has now led her to Set Free. Her prayers for a meaningful work experience have been answered! She is happy to be serving the children and families of Set Free as our Office Administrator.


Greenville South Carolina


Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is the backbone of everything Set Free does—providing emotional, spiritual and financial support to all that we do across the globe.

  • Gregg Szabo, Board Chair
  • Paul Swenson, Board Treasurer
  • Geoff Wasserman
  • Alison Storm Lowry
  • Josh Christian
  • Carol Graham
  • Phil Holtje
  • Bill Bishop

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Our International Leadership

Our international partnerships are vital to our mission—they provide “boots on the ground” for every well we drill, serving those communities and their needs on a deeper level, and in many cases, providing maintenance of the wells. Without these international leaders—pastors and drill crews alike—our mission would be more difficult to accomplish.

  • India

    [Name Withheld for Protection]

    Pastor Partner

    Our partner in India serves as the President of an Indian pastor's association, and under his leadership the pastors association has grown from 300 pastors to more than 8000 pastors reaching the untouchables of India with the gospel of Christ. Despite intense Christian persecution in India, our partner knows that it is his life's calling to serve the rural people of India. Armed with his tremendous gift for evangelism and deep faith, he trusts that God will guide and protect his path wherever he is lead.

  • Sierra Leone

    Alphonso and Nana Barry

    Pastor Partners

    Pastor Barry was raised in a devout Muslim family, from the Fullah Tribe - the people that first brought Islam to West Africa. His father intended for him to become an Imam, but while he was a teenager living and working in the local mosque, he met a missionary who patiently and with great respect shared the Gospel with him. After experiencing God first-hand, Alphonso became a fervent Christian. He later met his wife, Nana, and together they have two children. Together, they are faithful servants to the Lord, taking the gospel all across Sierra Leone.

  • Liberia

    Dennis and Vania Aggrey

    Pastor Partners

    Dennis Aggrey was raised in Konia, Liberia and attended the African Bible College. When the Liberian Civil War broke out, Dennis fled to Sierra Leone and eventually traveled to the United States for his masters of divinity. Before the war was finished, Dennis returned to Liberia and founded the Christian Revival Church Association (CRCA), a network of pastors that builds trust to reach the villages with the love of Christ in their own languages. Today, CRCA has around 70 churches and 35 preaching points all around Liberia. He met his wife, Vania, when she traveled to Liberia on a Set Free mission trip. Together, they have 3 beautiful children.

  • Sierra Leone

    Drill Crew


    This group of men in Sierra Leone works tirelessly through both the dry and rainy seasons to bring the gift of clean water to villages in their country by drilling new water wells.

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