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Corporate Giving

What if you could offer your employees the chance to be part of something bigger – something that literally saved thousands of lives and transformed entire villages for generations to come? What if, through that problem, you could focus your corporate giving to create both a humanitarian and spiritual impact. And what if you could easily create goodwill while building a closer sense of community between your team members as a part of your organization’s ongoing story and culture?

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Make An Impact

Through Set Free’s Corporate Giving Program, your organization has the opportunity to take ownership of specific projects that build lasting change for real families by partnering with us to rescue children, provide clean water, and/or host medical clinics in the most remote villages of the world.

Corporate Giving Partners aren’t donors – they’re investors who give generously but regularly see the tangible ROI and impact of their investment. Far beyond numbers, these partners are our backbone in sharing God’s message of love to the unreached and untouchable people of the world to empower entire generations with hope, dignity, and love.

For more on our Corporate Giving Program, contact Afton Schipper at and download the Corporate Giving Packet below.

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