The Need for Physical Healing

At least half of the world’s population still lacks full coverage of essential health services. (World Health Organization, 27 Feb. 2019) In the villages Set Free serves, this number is much higher. Hospitals and clinics are typically located in more urban areas that are very cost-prohibitive to reach. The result of not having health services in these rural villages is that 5.4 million children under the age of 5 died in 2017. Over 2.5 million of these children died within the first month of life - more than half of these deaths were due to conditions that could be treated or prevented with access to simple, affordable interventions. (WHO, 19 Sept. 2018)

Due to the absence of health services in rural villages around the world:
Children died
before age 5
in 2017
Children died
within 1 month
of age

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Opening Doors to Sharing God’s Love

Providing medical care – whether it’s through a mission group in Africa or our mobile medical clinics in India – opens another door for our pastor partners to be able to share the grace and love of Jesus Christ to people that we would otherwise be unable to reach.

Providing clean water through the Water of Life Initiative improves health for the entire village by significantly reducing water-borne illness, but other diseases remain. Diabetes, heart disease, HIV, and pregnancy-related health concerns are widespread in the villages we serve. Providing medical care to address these concerns is a tangible expression of God’s love. It meets a humanitarian need while also giving our pastors the opportunity to pray with villagers as they wait to see the doctor or nurse, show The Jesus Film, and share the gospel.

It’s an incredible opportunity with a huge ROI. On average, it costs $1000 to offer a medical clinic to a village including the costs for local doctors and nurses to staff the clinic and the needed medical supplies. At a recent clinic: 1976 patients were served, 19 pastors were on-hand to pray for everyone who came, 265 responded to the call to follow Jesus Christ, and 27 are now ready for baptism.

With $1000, we were able to serve almost 2000 people at a recent clinic.

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