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Set Free’s New Year’s Resolutions

The start of a new year always brings anticipation of improvement and New Year’s resolutions. There is a strong feeling that this will be my year. This is the year I will do more. This is the year I will be a better me. As a regular gym rat and church attender, I am painfully aware of the common manifestations of resolutions. The pews of my church suddenly become really crowded in January. I also no longer have easy access to the equipment at the gym. The problem with this is, most people just rely on themselves. So by March, there is more breathing room on my pew at church, and I can breeze through my workouts again. It’s a proven fact to make any New Year’s resolution stick, you need accountability. Want to better your physical health? Have a friend commit to workout with you. Want to grow deeper in your faith? Join a small group, Bible study, or Sunday school class. We do things better when we don’t try to go it alone.

Roland and Indian children

Set Free’s New Year’s Resolutions

We have goals of our own to make 2017 our best year yet. Set Free wants to:

  • Increase drilling India from 12 wells per month to 15
  • Complete our second county, Bong county, in Liberia
  • Empower our pastor partners with necessary resources to strengthen their evangelism and discipleship efforts by providing Solar Bibles and the Mini Bible College.

Continuing to Follow God’s Call

We are confident we can achieve these goals because we don’t do this alone. Roland founded Set Free because he was obedient to God and followed the call on his life to stop building custom homes in the States and to, instead, build hope, build dignity, and build disciples of Jesus Christ. When we were content to continue to diligently work our way through West Africa, God called us to India. Set Free was obedient to God’s call and our results have been tremendous. Over 250,000 thousand people have been baptized and 1000+ churches were planted in India last year alone.

Will God call us elsewhere in 2017? We don’t know. But we have a proven record of achieving results by being obedient to God’s call. We increased monthly drilling in 2016, and with God’s help – will touch even more of the unreached with life-giving water and the love of Jesus in 2017. Will you join us?

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