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What Happens When You Give a Village a Well

What Happens When You Give a Village a Well

Have you ever wondered what it really looks like when a well is drilled? We want you to know the full impact your gift has made. You’ve seen beautiful pictures of children, families, and even entire villages receiving the gift of clean water and Jesus on our social media and in our emails. You’ve seen the statistics of people whose lives are forever changed by clean water. But we want to lay out exactly what you’ll get when you give a well. Here’s how it works:

1. Write the check

It costs $5,000 to drill a bore well and $10,000 to drill a deep well (this is our biggest need in India). The gift of a bore well will reach hundreds while the gift of a deep well will reach thousands. If you’d like to donate this well in honor or memory of a loved one, customized plaques are available for wells drilled in India.

2. A well is drilled

Village assessments are made by mapping out where villages are currently gathering water and determining if this source is available year-round. We also take a rough estimate of village population and if there is a church serving the area. To read up on the entire well drilling process click here. According to the need, a bore well or deep well will be drilled in India, Sierra Leone, or Liberia, bringing hundreds and even thousands the gift of clean water and the love of Jesus.

3. We will receive a well report to share with you

This report will include the village’s name and coordinates, how many people received clean water, village information, previous water conditions, impact and responses to the gospel that was shared, and special stories of lives that have been changed forever.

You’ll catch a glimpse into the life of a child like Avar, whose belly is no longer swollen in pain from the contaminated water she had been drinking all her life. She’ll go to school for the very first time next year because her days won’t be spent walking far away to collect water for her family, carrying it home on her tiny shoulders; bruised under the weight of the bucket. She knows of Jesus know and the love He has for her. She’s found hope.

4. You’ll know the exact impact you made in the lives of others

A gift like this is unlike any other. Not only will you be able to cherish the stories and photos of the village you gave clean water to, you will also know that you gave hundreds the chance to hear about Jesus for possibly the very first time. You introduced love and hope into their hearts. You provided an outlet for one of our pastor partners to stay long after the drilling of the well to cultivate relationships with the villagers and teach them about Jesus.


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