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Stories From Beyond the Well: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Need to catch up on Stories from Beyond the Well? Read The Prologue and Chapter 1 first.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

All I could think about was finding the nearest bathroom. Between the checkpoints and the treacherous roads, we had been in the van for hours. I was ready for a break. We arrived in the village, and I rushed out of the van. Between our local partner serving as a translator and my frantic hand gestures, I succeeded in asking where the bathroom was. They pointed me behind a small hut. Walking around, I find a bucket and circle  made of stone. I figured this must it and relieved myself. Returning to the group, I heard snickers  coming from behind me. What are they laughing at I wondered? Our partner translated for me:

Why was that crazy American woman peeing in the shower?
-Jane Bergeron

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