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Small Donation with Big Impact

As the end of the year approaches, many people begin to concentrate on charitable giving. And you might be reading this right now with the capacity to give big. Maybe you could give an entire village clean water by donating $3500. You might have the bank account to become an anchor partner by giving $25,000. However, if your bank would bounce a $25,000 check – have no fear. You can make a small donation with big impact. Here’s how:

  1. $5 is all it takes to give one person clean water
  2. When you combine all the small gifts, it really adds up.
  3. Small gifts given monthly really add up.

Small Donation with Big Impact

In the face of the giant need that is the world water crisis, it is easy to get discouraged. Over 600 million are a lot of people that need clean water. But just like a bucket gets filled one drop at a time, we can solve this problem one person at a time. Every $5 you donate will show the love of Jesus by giving a person clean water. From that moment on, their life is changed forever. A daughter can return to school. A father can provide for his family by being able to work regularly. A new mother can safely nurse her baby without risk of dehydration or illness. $5 is a small donation with big impact.

$5 is also an easily attainable goal. Brew a cup of coffee at home instead of picking up your usual latte. Bring leftovers with you for lunch. A family of 4 can easily spend $30 for dinner at Chick-Fil-A. Bake some chicken fingers and fries at home, and donate the difference. You could change the lives of 4 people with just that one act.

Small Gifts Add Up

If you total all donations $100 or less Set Free has received year-to-date, you reach a grand total of $43,716.98. That’s 12.5 water wells that would not be there if it wasn’t for every single person making their gift of whatever they could. To put that in perspective, Set Free drilled 12 wells in India for the month of October. That’s 12 entire villages that no longer need to worry about drinking polluted water. And 9364 people who have now experienced God’s love for themselves. Think your donation won’t change the world? Think again.

Christians in India

Giving Monthly

Want your small donation to make an even bigger impact? Make your gift a monthly one. Set Free’s average monthly donation is $50 a month. Most of those families would find it hard to write a $600 check. But each month, they consistently give what they can. And at $50 a month – over the span of a year – they will change the lives of 120 people.

As you consider your charitable giving, what kind of impact are you going to make?

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