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Someone Should Do Something About This

We’re going to be honest. Really honest. Summers are hard. Across America, churches and nonprofits see a dip in donations. Set Free is blessed to have donors and cheerleaders like you in our corner. We did not have to cut back on well drilling. Set Free made our monthly commitments to our pastor partners, and we even put on 2 medical clinics in India to further evangelism efforts there. We are grateful to you who makes that possible.

We are also thankful for each and every person who has made a donation to the rescued children in India. Every dollar has fed these children when they are hungry, provided medical care and shelter, and educated their minds. But most importantly, the dollars you donate show them that they are loved beyond comprehension. But the overall donations to the kids have been down, and at the end of the month we struggle to have enough.

Faced with a Choice

Some have asked the question “why take in more kids if we are struggling to provide for the ones we have?” And it’s a valid question. Because the truth is more kids are still coming. On average, 200 new children are dropped off on the doorsteps of churches each month. We have the choice to turn them away. One time, we did.

We thought we were being good stewards of the resources given to us. Many children had been rescued all at once, and our partners were struggling to keep up. In the midst of this struggle, a mother showed up with her child. She couldn’t care for her and asked us to take her in. We said no. There wasn’t enough, and we couldn’t take her child. This mother left our partners and jumped off a cliff, taking her daughter with her. We had lost sight of the fact that when questioned, Jesus’ reply was to “let the little children come to me.” So let the little children come has become our refrain as well.

New Opportunites

These rescued children have given our pastor partners new opportunities as well. Even when finding a child’s family is easy and reuniting them happens quickly, we still provide care for this child for a couple months. This gives us time to teach them what it means to be a child of God. We teach these children, and the children, in turn, teach their parents when they return home. It gives our partners the opportunity to share the love of Christ in villages we wouldn’t otherwise get to go by working to reunite these children with their parents. And it’s working. 18 new churches have been planted because of this work of reuniting rescued children with their families.

It is a big opportunity to impact the faith of generations to come in India, and it all started when Roland went into the depths of a slave mine. What he saw broke his heart, and he begged God to do something about it. God’s reply to him was simple. “I sent you.” Maybe you are saying the same thing. Maybe you read these stories and think it’s way past time for God to act. And maybe He is, but we as Christians are called to be the hands and feet of Christ. Maybe God is waiting to act through you.

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