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Free in Christ

We strive to set others free in the name of Christ and we’ve seen enslavement take many different shapes. Those that we serve have lives that are harder than any of us care to imagine, and they need our help.

Imagine walking for miles carrying a 40-pound jug of water balanced on your head holding the hand of your child. Look into his face knowing that this water you just collected from a river will probably make him sick. Imagine witnessing lives cut short because of the inability to get treatment for very treatable conditions. You have to wait days, weeks, months, or even years for medical treatment that is never coming. Imagine working in extreme outdoor conditions with little water or food, held against your will. Imagine not knowing what a bath is - holding in your disgust at your own odor and praying for the continual abuse to end. You feel as though your entire childhood has been lost.

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Slavery is Real.

But so is freedom. At Set Free we believe that true freedom can be found for all through Christ. Our partner pastors work diligently to spread the gospel through church planting. Although we can change circumstances to provide clean water, medical care, and rescue children from slavery it is through a relationship with Christ that true freedom comes. In Christ, pasts can be washed away, hope can abound, and joy can be rooted in eternity.

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