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Sorie Comoya Sierra Leone

Providing Freedom
Through Christ Children • Medical • Water • Churches

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So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

John 8:36

Set Free believes in a world where all are set free in the name of Christ. Working to accomplish this vision, we work with in-country partners to rescue children, provide clean water, host medical clinics, and plant churches to make disciples of Christ.

We set children free from the bonds of slavery.
We give daughters the ability to return to school.
We give mothers the ability to keep their children healthy.
We give fathers a sense of dignity, pride, purpose, and an employment opportunity.

For everyone we serve ... for everyone we touch...We give them the chance to know Christ and His deep love for them.

  • Set Free

    Areas of Impact

    We like to think of ourselves as an evangelical organization that happens to do humanitarian work. But it’s by meeting these very basic human needs that the light and love of Jesus is able to reach into the darkest corners of the world.

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  • Rescuing Children

    Children are rescued from slavery, reuniting them with their families when possible and caring for them when it’s not. All the while, our time spent with these children is used to equip them to become disciples of Christ.

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  • Medical Aid

    Countless men, women, and children suffer from treatable illnesses in the villages we serve. Meeting medical needs that no one ever has allows our pastor partners to also effectively reach them with the love of Jesus.

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  • Clean Water

    Entire villages are transformed by drilling a water well that not only changes the community’s health forever but will also open the doors for our network of pastor partners to share the gospel of Christ with those villages.

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  • Planting Churches

    Our pastor partners will permanently establish a church in villages and lead Bible studies to nurture and foster spiritual growth and expand the reach of the gospel.

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  • Ready to make an impact?

    Help us change lives.

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Better Together

We are committed to our mission of rescuing, healing, giving clean water, and discipleship. We believe that these needs go hand-in-hand for abundant life. Through the merging of Water of Life and Set Free Alliance in combination with your gifts and the Holy Spirit, we can make a difference.

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Partnerwith Set Free

There are many ways to partner with Set Free to provide freedom through Christ to the unreached nations of the world. From monthly giving to championing a village fundraiser, we encourage you to invest in our work across the globe, and experience the joy of giving freedom to those most in need.

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