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Easter Weekend in India

Easter Baptisms

Wait, how many? We got the official report from our India Pastor partner, Praveen. There were 898,657 Indian Easter baptisms over Easter weekend in 2015. All across the southeast region of India, hundreds of thousands were baptized into new life in Christ!

What Christian Baptism in India Means

In India, it’s a tradition to be baptized on Easter. Over the previous weeks and months, these 898,000+ Indians have met with the pastors. They gave their lives to Christ and are now ready to publicly announce this new life in Christ. But it also may mean some persecution. Following a Christian baptism, many new believers are shunned from their families and villages. It may also mean a new target is placed on their backs from radical, violent RSS groups who want all of India to convert back to Hinduism. But for every single person who was baptized, their faith was worth it.

Trekking through forest to remote villages, hundreds of pastors traveled around India to baptize these new Christians. They faced persecution of their own. Many times, baptism sites had to be relocated. But the work of the Lord cannot be stopped. Despite obstacles, the gospel of Christ continues to spread rapidly.


Hallelujah! What a celebration!

easter baptism

Thank you for being a part of the Lord’s work around the world, but especially in India.


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